ZXTDR Tire Set: Front Tire 60/100-14 with Inner Tube + Rear 80/100-12 for Dirt Pit Bikes – Dirt Pit Bikes Tires & Tubes

This is a four set of tire and inner tube

Kit includes: 

1 x 60/100-14 front tire 

1 x 60/100-14 tube 

1 x 80/100-12 rear tire 

1 x 80/100-12 tube

60/100-14 & 80/100-12 tire & tube set, suits motocross, Motocross Motorcycle and enduro use on intermediate terrain.

Aggressive tread and compound for superior performance.

Aggressive knobs are designed for dirt performance, excellent for intermediate to hard terrain
Four set of motocross tire and inner tube set for dirt pit bikes
Tire tubes are made from natural rubber with TR-4 straight metal valve stem
Stiffer bead and better cornering control and sidewall construction provide stability

Price : $128.99

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