Tire Sealant Tire Repair Kit – Gallon (16 Standard ATV Tires – Best Tire Sealant – Tubeless Slime Fix Flat Tyre Sealer – Puncture Repair Kit)


TireJect is the highest rated, most effective tire sealant on the market. This is not your standard off the shelf tire sealant. We engineered our formula to outperform our competitors in every aspect; starting with supieror puncture performance and ending with easy clean up.

Permanently fix flat tires and prevent flat tires on all off-road tubeless tires: ATV, UTV, golf cart, utility trailer and other lawn & garden applications. Our tire sealant features a water soluble formulation that is a breeze to clean up, simply use cold water and a cloth. This means there is far less mess while replacing tires!

128oz Gallon
Use 75% less sealant
No tire balance issues
Install in less than 10 minutes
High performance tire protection

Price : $127.95

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