PowerSwitch Tail II

PowerSwitch Tail II

An isolated 5VDC actuated switch for controlling power to 120VAC devices with microcontrollers and other low-voltage circuits.

More output with less input; same “plug and play” installation. PowerSwitchTail has released the second version of the popular PowerSwitch Tail. New improvements include the capability of switching 15 amps over the previous version’s 10 amps, the input circuit to the PST II is now an opto-isolator thus reducing the input power required to switch the AC circuit, and the power cord is of a heavier gauge (14AWG) to accommodate the 15 amp service.

It’s Safe
No exposed 120VAC voltages and no dangerous 120VAC wiring required.
Plugs into standard 12VAC 3-prong household outlets, power strips, and extension cords.
Eliminates the exposure of hazardous voltages in classrooms, in laboratories, and on industrial and DIY development workbenches.
No special 120VAC wiring when deploying new products and custom solutions.
Can be installed by non-technical users: Instruction sheet.

It’s Convenient
Easily inserts between power source and corded electrical devices.
Switches up to 15 amps with a control signal as low as 3VDC at 3mA. Ideal for use with battery operated controllers.
Connects directly to MCU output pin without the need for driver transistor or buffer circuit.
Two-wire control signal connects to terminal block (30-14 AWG) and 5300Vrms isolation from the 120VAC circuit.
LED indicator shows status of control signal.
Units are “stackable” and easily mount on a 2″ x 2.5″ grid with two screws.
Connect input plug to wall outlet or when using multiple units, to a power strip.
Connect output receptacle to a single powered device or to a power strip to control multiple loads.
Output devices may be 3-prong or 2-prong appliances or lights.

Price : $43.45

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