Badass Moto Gear Premium Reflective Motorcycle Tail Bag – Extra Large 30 Ltr Capacity, Non Magnetic Biker Luggage – Tank Bag Alternative. Included Accessories: Rain Cover, Adjustable Securing Straps

We’ve tested LOTS of luggage in the search for the perfect tail bag. This is our favorite Motorcycle bag of all time. At 30 Liter capacity, It’s perfect for a week long Getaway – no saddle bags needed, or as a valuable addition to other bags on a multi week trip. You can pack a ton of stuff & combinations are endless. We’ve carried Helmets, twelve-packs, rain gear, clothing, flea market finds, extra boots, groceries, oil change supplies, laptop computers, tablets, Ipads, gloves, all kinds of motorcycle accessories, you name it. It’s our favorite Bag for taking off the bike and carrying into hotel rooms while traveling – It unhooks & re attaches easily. The adjustable straps are versatile & attach to just about any bike & don’t flap in the wind. The sides are semi rigid. They hold up & it doesn’t scuff or bang when you bump against doorways, hallways, etc. The large zipper panel on top give easy access to the large main compartment and 2 side pockets offer extra flexibility for smaller items. Prior to being produced for sale, this bag was tested for over 2 years and tens of thousands of miles. It has withstood the trials and tribulations of the road trip across burning sun-scorched deserts and through unexpected snowstorms. It’s been through a wide range of environments from Canada to the Mexican border, from the Grand Canyon to the beaches of Florida, Big Bend TX to Burlington VT. In Fact, the bag you see modeled in the Photos is the ACTUAL original prototype bag we used during our 2 + years of testing so you can see for yourself how well it holds up over time. We were so impressed we thought we’d show you the original, although we have to admit it was difficult to get it away from our testers long enough to take the pictures. We’re real American bikers & this is our Go-To bag for spontaneous trips & getaways and a must have- supplemental bag on longer trips. We hope you enjoy yours too!VERSATILE bag mounts to almost any motorcycle with included adjustable straps
RAIN COVER included for those heavy rain times – bag is water resistant during lighter rain.
FITS an amazing amount of stuff. The inside of the main compartment is approx. 17.5″W x13″D x 8″H
AWESOME QUALITY & DURABLE – Best materials & workmanship. Limited-time introductory bargain price.
HIGH TECH, lightweight material makes this Heavy Duty bag strong & easy to handle.

Price : $159.99

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